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Reaching and engaging your audience with differentiated messaging is increasingly difficult. While daily online content consumption has doubled globally in the past year [1], studies reveal that B2B customers are viewing more content in shorter bursts of time [2]. For B2B marketers, it means that to stand out in a space full of complex propositions and demanding customers, your strategy needs to work harder. And your creative thinking can’t just be out of the box; it has to be out of this world.

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ABM isn’t a silver bullet. It’s not enough to be targeted, personalised and relevant to stand out. ABM isn’t new either. In fact, 92% of B2B marketers have some sort of account-based programme in place. [3]

In this noisy marketplace you need to think big and act bold. A bit like Masternaut - leaders of fleet telematics. To engage both new and existing audiences, the marketing mavericks of EMEA worked with Punch! to create a series of educational webinars fit for a Rockstar. And it didn’t stop there… their big thinking took them all the way to Utopia.

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Beware - if singing sweetly was enough to lure in potential customers then Utopia would be a dangerous place. No - personalisation alone isn’t going to get you very far.

Without an end-to-end ABM strategy, you risk falling into one of the 6 Deadly Traps that will single-handedly ruin your chances of ever reaching Utopia. And we don’t want that. Make sure you know what you’re up against.

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Is your success
a fantasy?

Over half of marketers report that ABM is a major part of their revenue generation strategy. So why are you measuring success by counting leads?

Yes, lead generation is a component of ABM, but it’s only a small part of the equation. To get to Utopia, you must focus your efforts on engaging the right accounts throughout the entire buying journey. And if you think that by just counting the number of leads you’ll know how well you’re standing out, you’ll need to think again.

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